9 About Our Clinic

About Our Clinic

An innovative primary health care organization, one of 25 in the province of Ontario, that offers you accessible, person-centered and comprehensive medical care as well as disease prevention and health promotion programming.

Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics are a newer model of care where Nurse Practitioners provide health assessments to form a diagnosis and propose a treatment plan in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team. Clients of the clinic have access to skilled Nurse Practitioners, Registered nurses, mental health workers,  a dietitian, Chiropractic services specific to Low back pain, a physiotherapist and a consulting physician. Together we will work with you to address and/ or prevent illness and assist you in leading your most healthful lifestyle.

We are committed to offering you the highest quality of care in an environment that values your input and participation in your health care. The Glengarry NPLC offers primary health care services using a multi-disciplinary team approach. All of our services are free.

Clients registered with the clinic have access to our professional health care team members such as:

Nurse Practitioners (NP)

Your NP provider will work with you to address your medical concerns by way of conducting a detailed assessment, order blood and diagnostic tests, provide and coordinate referrals to specialists, treat common injuries and illnesses, make treatment recommendations and prescribe most medications. He/ she will assist you to understand and address any of your health related concerns.

Registered Nurses (RN)

Will welcome you for your “meet and greet” visit and conduct a health assessment. They provide immunizations, conduct lab tests, “well mom and baby” checks and provide health promotional information and education. They can also offer information and support to assist with your lifestyle practices and well being.

Registered Dietitian (RD)

The Registered Dietitian uses food and nutritional knowledge to provide practical suggestions to help with issues such as weight management, blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, managing blood glucose levels and meal planning.

Mental Health Worker

Mental Health Worker provides confidential and supportive mental wellness services on such topics as depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, abuse, grief and loss. Obtaining assistance with navigating the health care system or accessing supports and community resources is also available.

Consulting Physician

The consulting physician’s role is to provide clinical medical information, resources and guidance to our Nurse Practitioners when required.

Administrative Team

The administrative team includes reception, administrative support and an Executive Director.

Our Mission

The Glengarry Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic is an innovative organization that provides access to high quality, client and family centered health services, using a team-based approach.

Our Vision

Exceptional Primary Health Care. Always.

Our Values

We work in partnership with clients, families and community partners to provide comprehensive individualized care.
We respond with empathy and understanding to meet each person’s needs across their lifespan.
We commit to attaining high standards of client care and service outcomes.
We continually seek new solutions and creative methods to enhance care and services we commit to deliver.
We commit to building professional, caring and trusting relationships and ethical management of our resources.

Quality Improvement Plan

The GNPLC as an organization is committed to advancing quality, high performance and outcome based care and our annual quality improvement plan is testament to putting our commitment into action to foster results. Over the last number of years we have been working on measurable performance indicators such as timely access to care, emergency room diversion, preventive health outcomes such as cancer screening practices, medication safety, post hospital discharge follow up and exceptional client experience  to name a few. Our QIP is ambitious. Yet our collective work has produced results that outperform a number of provincial benchmarks. For more information about Quality Improvement Plans, please click here.

QIP 2022-2023 result sample

Highlights of our Quality Improvement Initiatives from 2022-2023

Reducing Hospital Emergency Room Use:

Diverting clients from attending a local hospital emergency room, particularly when it is for a health condition that is not urgent- makes better use of resources. The clinic continues to encourage clients to take advantage of same day or next day appointments, rather than attend an ER.

During 2022-23 only 12.8% of emergency room visits by GNPLC clients would be considered “inapproriate”- meaning they could have been treated at the clinic. This surpasses provincial averages which is higher at around 40%.