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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023

Exceptional Primary Health Care. Always.

The Glengarry Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic Board of Directors is committed to the provision of high quality services which support our clients’ optimal health, wellness and prevention of disease. As a recognized leader in the delivery of rural primary care and preventive health services, we intend to continue to exceed our clients’ expectations, in collaboration with the MOH-LTC and our partners. To continue to perform at this level, we are moving forward with our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. We support our Executive Director and the GNPLC Team to implement the following strategic initiatives.

PrioritiesClient ExperienceInnovative Service EnhancementsFund Development
Goals1a. Exceptional client centered care always2a. Develop strategic partnerships for services & professional development

2b. Explore different service modalities to serve our medically complex clients and offer specialized services where feasible
3a. Secure the ongoing financial viability & growth of the GNPLC
1. Further explore client feedback & perspectives

2. Improve client experience at reception

3. Ensure client experience initiatives are integrated into the annual QIP
1. Identify needs and expand services through new partnerships

2. Optimize current partnerships

3. Identify potential partnerships for education & professional development

4. Track and monitor client service needs and the impact on staff/organizational capacity
1. Explore alternative sources of funding methods including charitable status

2. Lobby existing funder for additional funds to support growth & development of services & programs

3. Explore cost-saving measures including back office joint services

4. Explore net-zero expansion opportunities
Communicate GNPLC priorities & performance results to those we serve and the wider community.