A healthy increase in clientele

Glengarry’s Nurse-Practitioner Led Clinic (GNPLC) in Lancaster is experiencing increased numbers of clients in the past year and is also managing to provide more same-day appointments when the need arises.

Last year it started tracking the number and frequency of all same-day appointment requests, as part of its strategy to help in reducing the amount of “inappropriate” emergency-room visits to area hospitals, such as Hopital Glengarry Memorial Hospital and Cornwall Community Hospital.

“I am very pleased to report that we are able to provide a registered client of GNPLC with an appointment within 24 hours of a request, if requested and medically necessary, 92 per cent of the time,” says executive director Penelope Smith. “This is achieved because we have allocated specific time in the clinical schedule to accommodate these ‘more urgent’ requests.” The GNPLC’s mandate includes providing access to high-quality health services to meet its clients’ needs.

“We pride ourselves on our capacity to do this,” she says, adding the clinic’s model of care-delivery is described as “team-based” so a client may also be able to see another clinician if necessary. While the GNPLC isn’t a walk-in clinic, it does provide its clients with timely service depending on the nature of their concern. Clients still need to register with the clinic and complete the necessary intake process.

Ms. Smith also notes the clinic encourages people to make use of its services rather than visit emergency room health-care professionals when they don’t have their own family physician available to help them.

“We grew our patient population by over 200 this past year,” she says. “That’s quite significant; that’s 200 peo-ple that didn’t have access (previously). When I look at our numbers this year so far, we’re going to surpass that.” — Angela Brown

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