The Glengarry NPLC offers health care services using a multi-disciplinary team approach. Clients registered with the clinic have access to our professional health care team members such as:

Nurse Practitioners (NP)

Your NP provider will work with you to address your medical concerns by way of conducting an assessment, order blood and diagnostic tests, provide a referral to a specialist, treat common injuries and illnesses, make treatment recommendations and prescribe most medications. He/ she will assist you to understand and address any of your health related concerns.

Registered Nurses (RN)

Will welcome you for your “meet and greet” visit and conduct a health assessment. They provide immunizations, conduct lab tests, “well mom and baby” checks and provide health promotional information and education. They can also offer information and support to assist with your lifestyle practices and well being.

Registered Dietitian (RD)

The Registered Dietitian uses food and nutritional knowledge to provide practical suggestions to help with issues concerning weight management, blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, managing blood glucose levels and answer nutritional and food related questions.

Social Worker

Our social worker provides confidential counselling, support and information to individuals on such topics as depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, abuse, grief and loss. She is also able to assist clients to accessing community and social service supports or resources.

Consulting Physician

The consulting physician’s role is to provide clinical medical information, resources and guidance to our Nurse Practitioners that assist with client health outcomes.

The Administrative team includes reception, administrative support and an Executive Director.