A Bold Step Forward

Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics (NPLC) are a bold step forward in primary health-care delivery in Ontario with a new model of care that enables Nurse Practitioners to practice to their full specialization and scope. The NPLC model recognizes that Nurse Practitioners contribution to the health care system is vital and necessary if Ontario is to address the current primary health care crisis.

Principle to their mandate- NPLC’s are part of the solution to increase access to health care services for those individuals who may not have had regular access to another primary care provider ( e.g Physician).

Survey Results
96% of GNPLC clients report being able to 'Always or Often' ask questions about their recommended treatments to their health concerns.
98% of GNPLC clients surveyed answered 'Yes' when asked if they had enough time to ask questions about their health condition and or recommends treatments.
94% of GNPLC clients surveyed reported that they felt their NP or Nurse had spent enough time with them during their appointment.
100% of GNPLC clients surveyed reported that they would recommend the clinic to their family/ friends or neighbors.
Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics deliver:
  • Comprehensive, client focused primary health care to clients in the community;
  • Holistic care that addresses the needs of each client from birth to senior years;
  • Enhanced Health promotion and disease prevention;
  • Chronic disease management;
  • Support for persons with mental illness;
  • Care coordination and navigation of the health care system; and
  • Integrated care within the community through established partnerships.
The Glengarry NPLC is not a walk-in clinic. You must register with the clinic. To become a client of the clinic click here to access our registration form.