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Become a Client

Thank you for your consideration to register with the Glengarry Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic (GNPLC). We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and we look forward to partnering with you to meet your primary health care needs.

To access services from the Glengarry NPLC you first must register to become a client of the clinic.

Building on our values of client engagement, respect and compassion we will work with you to address and/ or prevent illness and assist you in leading a healthful lifestyle. We believe that your input and participation in your own health care is linked to positive health outcomes. For this reason we will routinely inquire about your client experience with the GNPLC and the level of care you feel you have received.


As a client of GNPLC, you have rights related to the care and services you receive which include:

  • To be treated with courtesy, compassion, and respect and in a way that fully recognizes your individuality;
  • To receive information in a clear, accurate and understandable manner;
  • To be assured of confidentiality regarding services delivered and privacy for your personal information;
  • To be informed of your health status and services that meet your care needs;
  • To be clearly informed of the expected outcomes, benefits and risks of each treatment option and/or test;
  • To actively participate in decision making, and obtaining a second opinion, concerning any aspect of your care;
  • To designate a person to receive information regarding your health status and care plan and, if necessary, to make decisions on your behalf, in accordance with the law;
  • To raise concerns or to recommend changes, without fear of retaliation, and to be informed of the procedure for initiating complaints;
  • To access or review your record while in the presence of a service provider;
  • To receive care in a safe and clean environment.

The GNPLC has taken steps to accelerate access to comprehensive team-based primary health care by enrolling over 300 additional people to clinic services during 2022-2023.

Our intake of new clients is currently closed, please check back periodically.